Setting up Hype templates for Google DoubleClick


Can anyone help please?

I have looked through the forums and tried lots of outdated threads and old information, but I am still having problems exporting Hype documents for DoubleClick Studio.

I keep on getting an error message “You have uploaded the wrong number of assets with Enabler components for this creative. The creative must have exactly 1 asset(s) with Enabler.” when I upload my index.html file to the Studio interface.

I have installed the Export script ‘DoubleClickStudio-3.pkg’ and selected a button element and allocated an action of ‘Exit’ on mouseclick, then exported the display advert. Uploading it to the studio gets the same error everytime.

Are there any up to date instructions / clear examples of setting this up in Hype documents please?

This happened to me when the export script got corrupt after I updated it.

Best thing is to dump the existing script and reinstall.

When you select advanced export from inside HYPE then the DoubleClick Studio export script from the drop down menu you should see something like this:

The exported files will then exist in a single folder, if this is not what you are seeing then the export script could be corrupt.