Setting durations numerically & staggering keyframes

Something I’m really missing from Hype is the ability to set durations in milliseconds for selected keyframes. Specifically, it’d be nice to be able to:

  • Set durations in ms for one or more selected keyframes
    • Dragging keyframes is a tedious task when working with multiple items, especially if I’ve spent time staggering them or placing them in different positions around the timeline.
    • Being able to select multiple keyframes scattered across the timeline and changing their durations in one fell swoop would save an enormous amount of time and frustration.
  • The ability to stagger keyframes by X ms
    • Select multiple keyframes and start them by however many milliseconds entered, one after the other.


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Thanks for the requests!

Fun fact is Hype pre-3.0 had a limited way to set time/duration of animations, but when we improved the timing functions the new dialog lost this.