Set same action in multiple scenes?

It is entirely my fault, but I finished a project with quite a lot of scenes in it, and then realized that I had forgotten to set the Swipe Left/Right action in the mobile version (I want this to trigger Next/Previous Scene).
I have started adding this to each scene individually, but am losing the will to live after about 20. Is there any way (in Javascript or otherwise) to set the same action for all the scenes in the project?
Thanks for any help. Sorry if I've missed something obvious in the documentation.
Bill H

Sorry, there's no way to modify this across multiple scenes :sweat:. Multiple scene selection and modification is on our feature tracker.

(While symbols/persistent symbols do have swipe actions and you could change one to change all, the behavior is a bit different than being at the scene level to properly get all swipes)

Thanks for the quick reply. At least I now know I'm not missing something ...
Bill H

Given you have some knowledge about XML-formating: You can always just inspect the Hype-Projectg file package and fiddle with the data.plist. That way you could in theory use search and replace or at least copy and paste. But certainly make a copy of your project before attempting that. The keys are onSceneSwipeLeftActionHandler and onSceneSwipeRightActionHandler You would need to copy the key and its nested structure to the correct places.

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Thanks -it's good to get a bit of behind-the-scenes insight. But for me the effort/benefit ratio might be a bit too high to go down this route for this problem. I think I'll just grind out the per-scene modification using the Hype GUI.
Bill H