Separating Symbols to use different parameters

(Nathan Smith) #1

Hello all,

My first time posting here so bear with me please.

I’ve created a “symbol” of an animated virus for a banner ad. This symbol virus has tentacles that increase/decrease in size and loop via the timeline to look like they’re getting longer/shorter. The problem is when I make a copy of the symbol and apply a “z rotation” to one of the copies of the symbol, it affects all of my symbols and not just the one I want rotated differently than the rest. Also, if I try to change the name of one of the copies, it changes the name of all of my symbols.

So what I’m asking, is there a way to separate symbols to have them move independently from each other.

Please help.


If you rotate the symbol without entering it, it will only modify the ‘instance’ of the symbol you’re working with. So:

  • Entering a symbol (you see a purple bar) modifies all instances
  • Outside of a symbol, your positioning, scale, and rotation will only affect the single instance of the symbol (no purple bar)

If you have a single symbol you want to split into two separate symbols, you can ‘duplicate’ a symbol by selecting it in the resource library, and clicking ‘Duplicate Symbol’ at the bottom.