SEO on embedded hype document

Hello, we want to embed a hype document as a page in a wordpress site using the plugin. We want to know how this will work for SEO comparing to a wordpress page.


If you're putting it on a WordPress webpage, where there's already good SEO, then it might not be too bad of a hit. Here's an example…

…that review does attract some visitors. Although, the Hype project on that page doesn't do much. If you're planning to put ALL of the text in the Hype project... ehhhh... I don't know if that's good for SEO.

Hype does have an SEO setting that helps, but I doubt that's as good as regularly structured HTML content — Headline, sub headlines, title — but you might pick up some points with adding Alt Tags. (Even if not, that's good for accessibility.)

Also, you could try running the page through and see what happens.

I just ran the review page through the test and it got an SEO score of 100. However, performance is also a factor in SEO and that was surprisingly lower than normal.

This accessibility error also stood out to me…

<frame> or <iframe> elements do not have a title

…so there might be a difference between an iFrame verses putting it directly on the page. You can experiment and see what you like best.

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Thanks for your quick answer :grinning:

We have a landing page created in hype and now we need to "convert" it to a wordpress site. As we are not sure we can make the same design in wordpress we thought we can embed the hype page in one of the wordpress pages. The hype page has some text, so we need SEO to work properly.

We will try using as you say.


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There are many (known and unknown) factors that affect search engine performance.

If you are just wondering about the indexing of text contents from the .hype document, then this will generally not be visible to search engines if you are solely using the Hype Animations wordpress plugin. Hype stores all structure, contents, and animations in opaque JSON data and renders client-side. So the actual HTML text is not rendered server-side and requires javascript execution to show on the page, which search engines typically don't run or wait for.

Hype's typical HTML5 export has an option to "include text content for search engines." This dumps the text content into a hidden div on the .html page so that search engines will get a copy of all text for indexing. The Hype animations plugin doesn't and can't make use of this. (Though now thinking about it, I wonder if we could?)

So if you want text from Hype documents in wordpress to be indexed, you'll need to do this somehow yourself, perhaps adding metadata/keywords in the wordpress post itself. You might also be able to copy the hidden div from a normal Hype export and put that in each wordpress post.

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Thanks, I'll try myself adding metadata to wordpress.

Thanks, once again, for your help.

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