SEO-Features in Tumult Hype?

One important thing to use Hype for real good websites would be a better SEO integration. Can Hype 3 Pro do anything for SEO automatically?

No one can help me? :frowning:

i think, hype is optimzed for SEO.
after export SEO-friendly text is set:

<!-- text content for search engines: -->

Can you let us know specifically what you mean by SEO features? has some info about what Hype includes when exporting. Any keywords or ‘meta description’ can also be added to the <head> of the document. You can edit the contents of the … of your exported .html file by clicking on ‘Edit HTML Head’ in the Document Inspector.

Ok, what about Header-Marks (h1, …)?

It would be much better to get build-in meta-data-editor.

Currently we strip formatting to include the text for search engines, which includes tags that may or may not be relevant for SEO. We primarily do this for technical reasons (it would be easy for some tags to interfere with the page), but we’d like to improve this in the future so potentially more data can be leveraged by search engines.

Google has also been making some attempts to dive into javascript for its own searching as well, as they realize there’s a lot of text behind dynamic content.

HI @fernandabotter

This is the syntax for a meta description

<meta name="description" content="Your meta description here"/>

A good article here on meta description
I would edit the .html file after export though rather than do it in Hype.
You can use any text editor to edit the HTML file.