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I created a whole site in Hype its my first time not just using it for elements. I had a client that was ranked on the first page on google. He had a simple published from photoshop in tables site. He SEO all his images, had all his head tags on point.

The Hype site I designed I used all the same head tags, Seo all the images, clicked the link to SEO the html files. This left text hidden in the body of the site. He has been on the top of google for 5yrs he has had three photoshop published sites designed in that time. I replaced his site with my Hype site and its dropping a page per day on SEO (as you can tell my client is freaking out).

I tried running some tests…

I tested for broken links = Results came back with no links on page. The navigation and all links on the page cannot be crawled. I thought it was odd I tested it with a sitemap generator, to see if my navigation showed up with all my pages (I made each page a separate hype project). Nothing just generated the index page sub pages didnt show at all.

I tested image SEO = none of the images are being referenced my site is showing up as no graphics. so all the work I did independently adding SEO per image doesnt matter.

I tested video SEO My video will not reference ether.

H tags showing no Htags.

what I think is happening is that it just sees the html file as a blank page with just text and it is not realizing all of the info is inside the folders.

QUESTION Is there some sort of site map or code or anything that will bring all of the SEO functions back.


Hi Jesse (@custmcreations),

It’s probably best that you create a sitemap yourself. Plenty of sites where you could do this and also think about adding fallback pages that can be indexed. It means more work unfortunately. Here is an interesting article about SEO and heavy Javascript sites.

Hope this helps!


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I just did the site map test just to see what the crawlers see when checking my page. I hand wrote my site map. I will check out the link you sent thanks. I hope I can figure out a way to use hype I had allot of fun designing with it.

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I was reading about fallback pages and penalties. It says that It can be construed as Black Hat SEO. This will have you penalized for ranking. Also I just read that having hidden text in the body tag will also penalize you for SEO. do you think the hidden tag in the body is why his ranking is dropping so rapidly. Isn’t that what the SEO button is doing?


it might be that. I must admit SEO isn’t my forte :smile: