SEO Best Practices


(Jonno Norton) #1

I’m building a website for a summer concert event and the entire site is made in Hype 3. The event is kind of a big deal for us, so we’re attempting to get on page one of Google for our event name and a few other keywords that shouldn’t be too hard.

My main question is this: Should I put a bunch of keyword-filled text boxes off to the side of my scene so the user doesn’t see them but Google does? I really want to hear from experts on this that know for sure if Google will penalize for this behavior or not, and why.

Aside from a weird hack like that, are there any other best practices I should know about with specific regards to Hype 3 and SEO? I see a lot of text options for example, but no H1 H2 options for titling. Has anyone found a way to title elements in Hype so Google has some titles to crawl? Or should I just write out my text as HTML for titles?


The best thing to do for your ranking is to get links to your site from high traffic websites. You can have the most perfect website ready for Google’s robots but it won’t make a difference if there aren’t links to your page from other websites to it.

If it feels shady to you, my guess is that Google might have an algorithm to penalize it. When exporting, make sure “Include text contents for search engines” is checked, and all your document’s text will be included in the page and readable by Google.

To create titles, you can edit the inner HTML of an element and add <h1>My title</h1>.