Sentence quiz (with python django)

Hi~ I'm going to share my latest HYPE project with django(python). I've been looking for the best way to serve HYPE project. I didn't want to use php and sql queries because It looked very complicated, and made me frustrated. At this moment they were not too complicated to learn but I just don't want to do that.

In those reasons, I learned python and django framework for 3 month. During study python and django, I recognize that PHP and SQL is not a bad option. But... It's too late to stop learning django... Anyway, at the result of studying django, I can make web site with django.

My 'hype with django' project is for E-learning(User get translated meaning of a English sentence and the sentence's vocabulary blocks. User makes the sentence with given the blocks.


  1. Drag any block on the blank box by the correct order.

  2. if the box colored yellow, you could change the word by clicking or touching the box.

  3. push the 'check' button


  1. DJANGO VIEW → context(data)
  2. Scene1
    1. start_loadData : load data from django backend
  3. Scene2
    1. dragAndOut_dataset() : get the first quiz data from customData array
    2. drageAndOutInit() : To arrange the vocabulary blocks and erase the others
    3. dragAndOut_touch() : drag and drop function
    4. dragAndOut_checker() : check the answer
  4. Scene4
    1.writing_init() : review the answer (61.5 KB)


Nice job!

Looking over, it appears that start_loadData() is using static data right now and not loading server-side with python/django?

No, It isn't. just load static data from python/django server with django template language

I'm going to write post that How to communicate with server-side(python/django) with Ajax and deal with 'csrf-token'

This project was my first project with python/django :upside_down_face:

Thanks for comment~

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Gotchya - yeah that HTML template looks like the way I'd go about doing an integration with Hype :slight_smile:.