Send SMS option for mobile

(Eden) #1

Hello friends,
Is someone here can help me with this function …?
There is such an option hype email but not SMS text for Mobile

What I’m looking for it - when you click on the icon SMS will open Hfnktzih phone to send SMS to one of my contacts … with the content of the message, of course as the e-mail option just txt.




Here’s the format you can use for creating a SMS link:

You would place this within the ‘Mouse Click’ > Go to URL action:


You can use this tool to ‘encode’ your text to include the %20 (space) character when appropriate:

(Eden) #3

Thank you Daniel.
Do you know the function for WhatsApp …?

(Mark Hunte) #4

Have a look at


(Eden) #5

Excellent (:

Thanks friends

(Eden) #6

She again
Somehow SMS does not work with iPhones): Does anyone have some code I was pushed to implement it will work well in Androiid and iPhone …?

(Eden) #7


Somehow SMS does not work with iPhones):

(Mark Hunte) #8

If you are using Hype Reflect, try sending it to Safari if you are previewing it as it will not work in Hype Reflect.

Also for IOS you need to use & instead of ? after the number:


(Eden) #9

I did not really understand what that means …

You can send me a sample …? For me to understand what I have to do …?

(Mark Hunte) #10

The is nothing to show you in an example…

What I am saying is If you are using Hype Reflect to preview the project on your iOS device, the sms will not work.
So in Hype Reflect you can click the Safari button at the top and send the preview to Safari on the the device.

Or export the project and upload it to your server. And then use your device to view it.

Also the correct format for iOS in the sms URL. uses a & after the telephone number instead of a ?.

Bottom line is it does work on IOS.

(Eden) #11

I did use with Hype. But I do not know what it Reflect):

Anyway I uploaded a file, for example what I’m making …

And it works well on all phones except the iPhone!

By the way I’m doing all the tests are online … I upload files to the server, and then checks.

But unfortunately it does not work iPhone. Sure I’m missing something.

Would love your help. (28.9 KB)

(Mark Hunte) #12

There does not seem to be anything wrong with what you have done.

Here is the project on my site which works fine.
Can you provide a link to yours… ( you can PM it if need be)

(Eden) #13

Lol even here it does not work … (:
You check with iPhone or just with browser …? with computer’s browser that works … but the iPhone itself does not work - it opens the sms function of the device, but the content is empty!
Without number and without text

(Mark Hunte) #14

maybe it’s an IOS version thing what version you using…

(Eden) #15

I checked it all … including the latest versions

(Eden) #16

You have an iPhone …? See if it works for you iPhone.?

(Mark Hunte) #17

@Daniel is this working for you?

(Mark Hunte) #18

That image does look like an old IOS version…

Compared to the latest…

(Eden) #19

This picture just because it was a device to the iPhone 4 (:
I personally use on Samsung Galaxy 7 Eage
And I saw a friend that does not work … iPhone 6 so I went to check … and I was just surprised

(Mark Hunte) #20

Are you saying it does not work on a friends iPhone 6?