Self hosted video to CDN

I have set up a lot of different lessons that include video elements within the hype document rather than hosting them on a CDN, I regret doing that, but is there an easy way to replace the path to that self hosted file with a url to a file hosted with cloudflare or similar CDN without having to completely rework all the lessons.
When I try to replace it it wants me to upload a new file - is there a way to replace with a url source instead?

There’s not a way within Hype’s UI to do this. Export Scripts do have the ability to replace assets with URLs, but this would involve some code and specifications to what you exactly want.

I’d say if it is going to be less than two hours of work it might be easier for you to delete the video elements and replace them with regular (rectangle) elements that have inner html as <video> tags with the CDN src URL.

However, if you’re using cloudflare, wouldn’t that automatically CDN the resource? (I think you need to set a special rule for video though?)