Selecting part of text / image to make it interactive

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When working in Adobe Dreamweaver, I am given the option to choose part of a text (letter, word, etc) and hyperlink it, or make it otherwise interactive. Likewise, there is a handy selection tool (rectangle, oval, lasso) to select only a part of an image, and make it interactive. Is there something equivalent in Hype 3.5, or do I have to take a longer path and, for example, create a transparent box, place it over the selected text, or part of the image, and give the invisible box the interacivity desired?
I tried to select a word inside a paragraph and have it linked to a URL, but when testing it, I found the whole paragraph was linked to that URL, not just the selected word. Is there an easier way, or do I have to Edit the Element’s Inner HTML and use the familiar tag for the selected word?

Thanks in advance for your time and care.

There isn’t anything equivalent to what you ask in Hype at the moment. You would have to (as you mention) place an element over the top and create an “On Mouse Click” behaviour and choose “goto URL” or “jump to scene”, etc

As for text, you can edit the innerHTML (again as you say) and create an anchor tag around the word / letters you require.

There is a more advanced way to actually bring in SVG images and create overlay shapes using those (for more control over the clickable parts of your image) but this would entail more effort than perhaps wanted.

*side-note to write HTML code in your post, wrap it in ` ` for example <a> is written

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Thanks a lot DBear, I’ll take the longer path for now.
Have a good one!