Selecting more symbol-timelines on events

I would love it if I could trigger multiple symbol-timelines from one action list, due true function call(). I cannot find a solution in doing this. And I would not like to make many timelines and or scenes.

Look at this screen below. Here I have selected a close_btn symbol. Setting a mouse event on this symbol, I would want to select all mouseLeave animations created in all of the submenu symbols.
So that when the close button gets clicked all the submenu’s animate out.

Live version of this mockup.

For me, this is a more logical approach to connect elements on the canvas with interaction. I would give my head the posibilties it is thinking of.

But I could be all wrong and it is possible only not in the way my head thinks. If so please entlighten me.

If I understand you, try a custom behaviour on the symbols ( submenus ) to run the animation. The custom behaviour’s all have the same name.

Then call the custom behaviour from the close button.

symbol_custom behaviour (12.2 KB)


That is it, Mark? Just change the timeline name to be the same and it will do that via a custom behaviour!

Mindblowing moment overhere.

Have to test this in a few hours after work.

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I AM STILL MINDBLOWN, Mark. :ok_hand:


Sorry, but STILL.

Bendora, his eyes open!



So after hours and hours… sadly I cannot reproduce a custom behaviour.
Still Mind blown but without self knowledge.

I found it.

Oh boy…

From the docs… #behaviors

Behaviors are particularly useful when you want to control a [Symbol]…

  1. Enter the Symbol (double click on it)
  2. At the bottom of the ‘Symbol’ inspector, click ‘Add New Behavior’
  3. Give the Custom Behavior a name…