Seems Vector Shapes did't support size(stroke-width) animation?


When I created the timeline, I can’t set keyframes with different size(stroke-width) .
seems Vector Shapes did’t support size(stroke-width) animation,
Is that true? Or other methods

True for now.

This is not part of Hype 4, but it's something we'd like to add in a future release. Here's @jonathan from another thread:

To be more specific though, the reason the border isn’t animated for shapes is that it is actually the stroke of the SVG under-the-hood. Unlike an element’s CSS border, this can potentially extend to negative coordinates within the SVG element, which means it would not be shown. Hype has to do calculations to move the shape to fit the border; this has negative performance implications for animated borders. Hype’s code for this is also not as advanced mathematically as it really needs to be. The decision was made to not implement this for v4. There’s been a lot of feedback for it, so we’d like to tackle it on the next release that has improvements to vector shapes.

Got it,Thanks for your detailed reply. :smile: