Seeking Hype / Animation contractor

Hi, as I don’t know which sub-forum might be better I try it here.

I’m seeking for someone who would like to create an animation that can be embedded in our web-site on a contract base.

Context: Product see , it’s a B2B special tool that’s quite explanatory. Hence I would like to add one or even more animations to show what’s possible, how to use the tool, the benefits with respect to other methods etc. The deliverable would be the Hype document including all assets.

Storyline and ideas would come from us for inspiration. Of course, we would brief you in-deep. I can imagine something like a animated comic-strip as well.

If you are interested please get in contact with me.

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There is a Hype freelancers group on Google that would be the best subgroup for this!forum/tumult-hype-freelancers

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Thx. Going to x-post there.