Seeking Flash Developer to help with a Tutorial


No, this isn’t an April fools post — we’re looking for a few skilled Flash developers who have worked in both Flash and Tumult Hype. If this is you, and the idea of transitioning Flash developers into the Tumult Hype/HTML5 world excites you, please get in touch with me. (Please send me a message).


Note: We’re happy to compensate you for you time.


Just this weekend I was debating if I should start working on a Hype book. I’ve been phasing out Flash from the websites I’ve been working on, and Hype has been the primary replacement.

(Kukuh Basuki) #5

Hi I’m Kukuh Basuki, a Multimedia Designer, using flash since Macromedia Flash 5, I live in Jakarta, Indonesia (one of Southeast Asia’s largest city with so many Mac users). Now I’m using Adobe CC (Subscription) and found Hype as an Edge Animate killer… (sorry Adobe). Just give (or lend) me a Hype Pro license, and I’ll create some cool tutorials. My english isn’t very good, but I can get some help from some friends with good english. Cheers! :smile: -


Whoa, this thread is back. 10 hours and no replies? Is everyone else overworked like me? HA HA!

Just so everyone knows, I’m not standing in the way of this interesting project. It seems like fun, but I have other projects to work on right now.


@Daniel are you still looking for someone to write a Flash-to-Hype tutorial?

I’m still busy, but I had a cool idea. Back in the day, I used to visit a website called - It’s a pretty cool site, but basically all Flash. Since Flash is insecure, I don’t have Flash running on my Mac web browsers. When I go to the Homestarrunner website, I see this…

Even those that have Flash plugin installed, it might be an older version. That triggers a security warning. It’s as if a big piece of Internet history is about to be erased. The creators of the site appear to be aware of this…

I was thinking a good idea for the tutorial would be to contact Mike and Matt Chapman and tell them about Hype. The tutorial could be about how to convert the old Flash content to Hype / HTML5. This way, a legacy website is restored and fans from all around the world could see Hype as heroic software.