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Can anyone recommend some reading for me to research making my website more searchable.
I’m a musician like many out here that are trying to find an audience for my music. Since I’m not a web builder and limited knowledge on this matter, what can I do to try and increase potential people finding my music. I have currently used Spotify html widgets, I’m currently working on links to my CDbaby site, over the years (over 30) I’m constantly being told, you’re music is so good, why hasn’t anyone heard of you? I’m trying to do what I can to figure that out. Again, I know there are millions of me out there, but I believe out of all my songs, there is something for everyone, I just have to figure out how to find that audience. Any suggestions would help, I do not want to post my website in fear of being flagged. I love using Hype! It’s an awesome program and the community here is great as well! Thanks in advance for you words of wisdom for this dumb drummer! LOL!

First, stop calling yourself a dumb drummer. People like rock stars because they’re larger than life. People aspire to be better. So if you want to draw a larger crowd, be someone people can look up to.

Second, Hype is not very good for Search Engine Optimization. It’s sad but true. I do this stuff for a living. So, I know that you’d have a tough fight to get noticed. Some things I’d recommend, WordPress has pretty good SEO features… but that doesn’t matter if you don’t have content. “Longtail Search” can help smaller sites get noticed as people search for obscure topics. I still get a lot of traffic about an old Wii Sports Boxing article…

See how the link made the pretty box? Read up on the Open Graph Protocol – – that could help your links get noticed on social media.

…but so what? These pages are one-click wonders. People look at the page and then they leave. It doesn’t lead to an action.

Search Engine Optimization is kinda like digital cool kids. The sites with the links get the searches… sites with the searches get the links. If you’re judged by who links to you, it’s hard to get noticed.

Then put it in your profile.

If your site is built with Hype, then put it in the appropriate category. There is a showoff section.

Do you make music for games? If so, maybe the Freelance forum is for you. Basically, you gotta keep putting your content out there until you get noticed.

As for your website, maybe run it through this… …as there is a search engine optimization section.

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I found your site. It was posted elsewhere on this site.

Your setup is working against you. I think something like a simple WordPress site is the better for you. (Heh, that’s what I use anyway.) With something like WordPress, you can easily create a page for each section. The way your navigation works, built with Hype, it’s not great for SEO and not good design. The menu should stick to the top. (If you’re going to keep the Hype site, use symbols for the menu.)

It looks like you have the beginnings of a sitemap…


Each button could be its own page. That increases the chances of a page getting found. WordPress also has plugins for automatically submitting content to search engines. You have a Twitter feed, maybe have a blog. (It takes a lot of energy though, and it takes you away from your music.)

Basically, I think you’d be better off using a standard WordPress, Wix or SquareSpace template. And yeah, maybe look to collaborate with people.

I was listening to your music… looking for opportunities for you to improve… hey, you have Christmas music. Hmmm… very interesting. :thinking:

I have been working on a Christmas Card project, built with Hype, and I’ve been looking for music to put in there. Now I’m not saying we should collaborate, as I don’t really play well with others… HA HA …but what I am saying is that’s how you could improve your SEO.

Hypothetically… you could post in the freelance category… something like… MUSICIAN AVAILABLE FOR HIRE… or FREE MUSIC FOR YOUR PROJECT …the forum software will yell at you for using all caps, but you get the idea …and then link to your site and songs as example of your work. I think that’s within proper etiquette for this forum. People need music! You make music. The freelance forums is where they get together. That’s SEO and networking that has actionable results.

So it looks like you tell the truth. Heh, perhaps you do have songs for everyone. Maybe freelancing / licensing is the way for you to get your music out there.

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Also have you tried . I found some amazing artists through there to support.


No music for games, but I do make films and my music is featured in that. I’ve done hundreds of commercials as well that feature my music, but in the global sense, that is like sand on the beach. Before streaming I was making more from my music because people actually bought it, now they are streaming it and I have to get like a million streams to buy myself a cup of coffee, no joke. I’m just doing what I can. I appreciate the words of wisdom!

I’ve been using CDbaby and they are doing just fine for me.