Search box // UI animation (video+file)


(Vitaliy Gorban) #1

Like to share some process UI animation of search box using HYPE 3 PRO.
Hope you enjoy.

Video process:

File to use: (16.4 KB)

(Mark Hunte) #2

The file link is broken.

Great video

(Vitaliy Gorban) #3

Just checked link, all ok.


(Mark Hunte) #4

It may have been the tumult servers have a BF. Working for me now to.

By the way you can just drag that zip into your post and it will auto upload and be a downloadable within the post.


Very cool, @VGo! Thanks for sharing with us. (I’ve converted your Dropbox URL to a regular file attachment).

(Mark Hunte) #6

So have you thought about making it functional…

(Vitaliy Gorban) #7

Well, this was just made it possibilites of Hype for UI animation, for sure its can be work functional.

(Peter Danckwerts) #8

very slick