ScrollMe Is it possible to use in Hype

Is it possible to use this script for grouped elements on the page. I tried various options but it doesn’t work. Who can help me how to adapt this to Hype.

not an answer to your question , but you know about @MaxZieb's approach on this? Hype ScrollKit (Scrollama, Intersection Observer and more)

Do you have a simple/minimal standalone .html page example of this usage? I tried their website instructions and even copied everything out of the codepen but couldn't get it to work on a single .html page. There weren't even errors reported...

So I tried to do this in HYPE but nothing works. I do everything right. I can’t understand why this doesn’t work.

I would try first getting it to work on a simple HTML page before Hype. (I couldn't get that to work, although I did time-bound myself with it...)

I imagine it wouldn't work direct with Hype elements, but you should be able to get it to work for inner html within a Hype element. I imagine the difficulty is getting it to look at the right time; typically frameworks like these have calls you can make in Hype's On Scene Load or On Prepare for Display handlers which will happen at the right time. Sometimes you need to figure out if it always needs to be called or can be setup only once though.

Nah, I got it integrated, but doesn't render correct Math. It uses some view port calculation that is thrown off by the Hype container using nested absolute positioning. I gave up on it… also jQuery :nauseated_face:

This means that such and similar scripts (for example, cannot be used in Hype?

They can be used. It was just that particular jQuery-based library I couldn't get running. Maybe somebody else has more luck. I must admit I only tried around 10 minutes and stopped when I noticed that all elements are identified, and it triggers fire as expected on scroll.... only thing was the numbers turned up NaN errors. So, the problem is math, library logic or jQuery based. As it wasn't an easy integration, I stopped there as I am not going to "fix" a jQuery library for Hype.

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It may be better to ask: what are you trying to do? In a lot of cases the effect can be accomplished with Hype's built-in Viewport Actions or the above mentioned ScrollKit.


I want to make the blocks, for example, appear on the left as you scroll, or, for example, the transparency of the background image changes.I am currently working on a mobile site project and I want to implement some properties there.

I still don't understand why navigation is not working sticky
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