Scrolling Text On iPhone 5 in cut

I tried a scrolling text, also using your scroll (46.7 KB). On the browser everything works, on IPhone the scrolling is cut. What I wrong?

Can you share what you did? not the example above. That one doesn’t have anything cut off.

I’m sorry! I forgot to explain: I export the Hyipe file in .OAM, then I put OAM into InDesign, then I publish the document in PUBLISH ON LINE (InDesign). I can see the correct document on computer but not on IPhone.

Do you have the original Hype file? Can you share?

It look like you have an element with content overflow hidden but I can’t help you if you don’t have the original

Or you have a layout specifically for iPhone where the text box is half outside the document boundaries.

Here’s the files. Thank you! (920.2 KB)