Scrolling page with section indicator

If I have a scrolling page that comprises a number of sections, how can I show an indication of the slide Im on by either using a highlighted circle or a vertically moving bar? While the hype doc is 1620 long the viewport will be 540 in this example
Thanks, Michael (11.8 KB)


Hi Michael!

Here is one way to do what (I believe) You are requesting: (15.8 KB)

Demo here.

There is some styling in the “Head HTML” section. The function “slideSelectIndicator” does all the work.

You can get fancier than this demo - such as automatically calculating the slide “break points” where the slide indicator moves from one to another. Currently these are manually set to change when the slide, either top or bottom, crosses the general “slide indicator” area.

Thats great Jim, thank you.

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