Scrolling horizontally with mouse

There is a really great vertically scrolling document created by Survey Legend I first read about in the Blog:

However, I am creating a timeline with horizontal scrolling, and have been trying to adapt what they are doing to the horizontal plane.

My timeline works great with one timeline and a number of pauses, using ‘Drag’ on a mobile device. But on the laptop, scrolling causes a number of issues:

  1. It appears that a short two-finger scroll jumps over one or more pauses;
  2. When I try to scroll the reverse direction, it appears that the document is trying to move left and right at the same time, with a jittery appearance, and it often fails to move to the prior pause.

Any suggestions or thoughts on how I might accomplish this?


Any chance you could upload a zip of your .hype document? It might be easier to take a look at the current work then try to take a stab at how you recreated and see if there are the same problems. (If it needs to be kept confidential, feel free to email