Scrolling between scenes without only when scrolling in project area

I have used the script to make the timeline advance on scroll. This works great. Except when I embed this to my website, it causes issues on the entire websites scroll. The website is a scrollable page with vertical sections. I would like the scroll function of my Hype-project only to be active when the user has the section with the project in the viewer.

Now I am actually unable to scroll down to the view the project area on my website. I need to click and drag the browsers scroll bar to get down. So I guess the Javascript are messing up the scroll on my entire web page.

Is there som changes I can do in the script to make it only work when the user are viewing the hype project?

The script has event.preventDefault(); which will restrict the browser scrolling, so this is not surprising. To do the type of scroll where it is normal, then does your custom scrolling to the bottom of the Hype document, and then returns to normal scrolling would require a bit more code (sorry there’s no quick answer or solution!). You may be able to embed the document in an iframe though, and then I’d guess that could have something close to the desired effect since the iframe scrolling would use the script correctly and the rest of the page would scroll as normal.

Ok. Thanks.