Scrollbar doesn't seem to always work

Hello everyone,

Something interesting I just noticed in Tumult Hype.

If you look at my screen capture, the lengthy text on the
right has a scrollbar feature attached to it (as indicated under Metrics).

This text is also read aloud via a mp3 file as is the one on the left)

When viewed on an ipad, looks and sounds fine.

However, when the ipad is switched to ‘Accessibility’ mode as required for this gov’t project, the scrolling is disabled. I tried ‘Visible’ and ‘Auto Scollbars, but no luck.

Note: to prevent the ipad auto reader from reading aloud the text on the left and the right (because we have a special recorded narration for both), I used the <div aria-hidden="true"> and </div> code for both components as advised.

Could the div code be preventing the scrolling?


Do you mind attaching a zip of the .hype document? I’m happy to take a look (it is going to be easier to work with your exact document than recreate it).

I’d suspect <div aria-hidden="true"> might be preventing the scrolling as well, but am unsure on that. If you remove it, are you able to scroll as you expect?

Thanks for the reply Jonathan. I’ll see if I’m able to send it.

Meanwhile, what I can tell you is that when the project is viewed on an ipad in Kiosk Pro, the scrolling works.

But when the ipad is turned on to Accessibility mode for the impaired, scrolling no longer works.

Problem seems to lie in the ipad.