Scroll not working


I’ve created the attached document but when I preview it I can´t scroll to the end of the document. How can I solve it?


I’m able to scroll when loading this document: (On Desktop + Mobile)

Can you share what you get when you export?

Thanks for your answer. It happens on desktop changing the Window width


I'm sorry, but I can't reproduce this. Are you previewing directly from Hype or embedding in some other page? If you are, can you share a URL to the page?

Hello, you can test it here:


@Daniel Previewing his Hype doc, sizing the window down gives me the bottom part with facebook links etc. Scaling the window up, the bottom part gets more and more pushed out of sight. At least here… Both screenshots where taken scrolled down to the bottom of Safari window.


Only have had time to give this a quick glance… but at least one problem is the main group uses “Expand to Fill”. Changing this setting to “Shrink to Fit” remedies the lost bottom issue.


If I use “shrink to fit”, the footer is displayed but also a white space below it.



As we need to be online soon we have created 15 scenes in the document to try to solve this problem. This is not the best but is better than seeing the page cropped or with a large white at the end. We still want to know if there is a solution, so we have moved the old version to

Please, tell if there is a solution as soon as you know it.


So another approach would be to pin the sides of the main group (“Grupo”) but no sizing arrows. I can always scroll to the bottom and there is no white space when the window is narrowed with this set-up, but at a certain width (1025px) the content does begin to get cropped from the right side.

If the cropping is an issue I would create a new layout (break point) to accommodate the narrower window size.

Hype does not support flexible scene and documentheight except full viewportheight.
so you’ve got to set those heights with a script. a forumsearch will bring up a couple of examples …

Thanks for your answer.

We need the content to be resized, so this option is not ok for us.


Should Work for a proportional scale …

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Hello, fist of all I have to apologize because I didn't see your answer when you send it.

Now I am reviewing some of my tickets and I see it. I've tried it and it worked fine for me, so I could have saved a lot of work I have seen it when you posted it... so bad for me.

Thanks again and sorry for the big delay.