Scroll in widget HTML with Firefox

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I have a problem…:wink:
Well now, I understood how to make the parallax on a main timeline:
js: ok with Safari / Chrome I scroller BUT …
When I put an HTML widget (with soundcloud and control pause and play button more … for example) the scroll stopped working only in firefox.

What’s weird is that I put losque an object (rectangle / circle …) over the html widget … the scroll to another page in parallax mode works.

How to impose scroll across the page and in html widget (firefox of course)?
(i’ve HYPE3PRO/Yosemite 10.10.5)



(cob) #2

I am looking for but I can not find the answer. I made a small scroll test on hype but it’s always the same. Works great on Safari and Chrome but no way to make Firefox scroll when there is an HTML Widget.
A track or idea? (21,5 Ko)


My guess is that the iframe in Firefox is a bit more protective over what events can be triggered than Chrome or Safari. Are you able to use a regular DIV (rectangle) instead for this?

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Hi Cob

It seems to be long time You had this problem, so i don’t know if you need this anymore. Anyway here is my comprehensive scrolling collection i use in my work. It works well in Firefox, too. Hope it helps.