Scroll action for actions inspector

Add a scroll function to the Actions inspector.


Scroll on Window ?, element ?.

What do you invisage…

Mouse wheel that can be assigned to window or object. People are eager to get into parallax (for as long as the trend lasts) and there are many other applications – and a UI element that makes scrolling simple would be a boon.


Thanks for the request - we wanted to do this a while ago, but iOS used to block javascript on scroll events. They lifted this in iOS 8 so the door has been open for a while to do it.


Im guessing on scroll will allow this to be easily achieved?

Hi Michael!

Definitely achievable in Hype - but I would be cautious of the word easily - not so much from a technical point-of-view but rather the set-up itself... there is a lot of stuff going on there! :sunglasses: