Script editor features

Sorry, if this is already addressed.

Script editor:

  1. Change color scheme
  2. Comment out/uncomment block of code
  3. Code navigator: highlight functions, if/else, comments, inside {}, etc.


  1. Balance/balance inward
  2. word, line, line content


  1. spaces to tabs/tabs to spaces
  2. Trim lines


  1. Move line(s) up/down
  2. Selection fold/unfold, fold/unfold all functions

HTML, CSS specific functions: wrap in tag, insert line break, etc.

Create snippet from selection. Snippet editor.

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Thanks for your suggestions!

Some of this has been mentioned before.
But it is always worth re asking as it shows more and more people need/want a more feature rich Javascript, css editor built into Hype.

Without all these I’m forced to edit it elsewhere, then paste into Hype.

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I do the editing elsewhere anyway and include the scripts in the resource inspector.
I’m not sure the editor is where the effort for new Hype features should go - there are so many great code editors out there. As long as the integration works well, I’d rather use an external, specialized editor.

Speaking of integration: How about an option for “auto updating” changed javascript, instead of asking me every single time?

Yes, we can do this but it is not fluid when working with a project to keep having to go out of it and then back in.
If there was no need for an editor in Hype it would not have one and all editing would be expected to be done external.

But clearly that is not the case and there is a need to stay within the app and be able to edit. But there does need tone more functionality with it.

Coding is a massive part of Hype so imho any effort put in will be worth it for many users.

I think the editor is there for inserting a littlebit of code here and there (the way designers probably use Hype).

Most developers already have a favourite editor.
I don’t have a problem with using several tools for a project, in fact, that’s part of my normal workflow. Editors, terminals, commandline tools, etc. - I’ve never been an IDE guy, and don’t see the “need to stay within the app” at all.
Dedicated tools which are good at their specialty and work well together - what’s not to like?

That being said - I won’t mind if the editor in hype gets more features, it’s just not very high on my personal (and therefore insignificant) priority list.

This is possibly true of how it started. But people are using more and more code with hype.

Xcode started this way with it’s tools separated. I.e IB.
But Apple realised that it would be more productive and allow for better inherent functionality to merge them into one app. The same I thing is happening with it’s debugging tools.

Who knows if Hype will ever get some of the functions we ask I for one will very much welcome it.

Well, as I said, I won’t mind having more features in the editor. It’s just that I see other areas as more important. The responsive features seem a little limited currently. The JS API isn’t that vast either. Things like that would allow me to do much more with Hype, while an improved editor is just nice-to-have, but really won’t change much for me.

I think I got that the first time, I just like the last word… :smile:

Have you put in any requests you feel are important.? If not, I would suggest you do if they are important to you. Although what you saying here may get read at some point it is probably better to post a request which will read and not confused with unrelated stuff


Nah, I’ve only been using Hype for a couple of weeks, I don’t feel I’m in a position to “officially” request features yet.
I’ve tried to solve a few forum requests with JS recently, and was often stopped by the smallish API. I might write a list of what I’d like to see there…

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