Screen goes blank when changing videos visibility

Was just thinking ( and may not be right for you ) but why can’t it all be done on one scene.

This uses a Math function on an element animation keyframe in a timeline ( in the video’s symbol ) to control where the video time is.

The math functions runs an aliased function in matchPosition() ( see this post of how this idea works )

The scroll() function deals with up down and controls the follow timeline as well as any other animation timeline. In this I have one.

This probably just re invents the wheel but just a thought…
Also the only reason the video is in a symbol is that’s how I started it out when I first had a quicklook at using multiple scenes with this approach.
But although I got it to work mostly!; it was cumbersome to do and in the end felt it made no sense having a lot of scenes just for info. (2.5 MB)

( And as usual, just a quick thrown together example , the scroll detection in this example is limited on which device it will work with but should be easy to change to a more robust bit of code… )

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Mostly because I remember having problems in the past trying to control videos from the timeline, specially trying to make them to play in reverse, and while I made specific videos in reverse that might be easy to trigger now from the timeline, it gives me some ease of mind having everything in their own scenes.

Using the build-in scene jumps in hype makes working super quick. And assigning the videos by using the scenes names is super easy.

Also, for making it responsive, I have find easier to split the content in scenes, working directly in the timeline, feels to me, it requires a more abstract mind set that I, sometimes, struggle with it. Still I remember working a lot like that back when I used Flash, I might give it a shot.

Also, that was the original idea since the content scrolling can be designed in a more precise way, but I didn’t have enough time to experiment, I was only given 5 days with the 3D content included, so took the safest route I know.

I wish Hype allowed to use custom easing curves for scene changes (is that Hype 5 I see in the horizon?).

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Cool, was just a thought and funny enough may help me solve a responsive issue I have myself in where I need scale width but cannot use scale height as I need to be able to scroll some stuff in a particular layout.

And thanks for sharing it, you along h_classen, DBear and jonathan are my heroes here, it would be imposible for me alone without your tips and help to be able to do the things I am currently doing.

So thanks again to you guys.


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