Screen Aberrations and crashing on mac

I’ve been having trouble with screen aberrations while working on my latest hype graphic. I have only had this problem while using Hype. I had a movie on the scene and tried taking it out but still having issues. Would it be that my mac is just too old and sluggish? Is there anything I can do to rectify the problem? There are a decent number of symbols in my file and a few images which I have resized to quite small. Also animations are quite basic. Slide in text etc.

Could be your graphics card that’s about to give in. What Mac do you have, maybe the card can be replaced?

I saw this once on a really hot day in a different application – might be a graphic card overheating issue. But if you’re only seeing it in Hype, then might be a :bug:.

Could you file a bug report just so we can try to reproduce it over here? Use Help > Report an Issue and include your document and logs please.