Scope of Hype elements between scenes

Just to confirm, am I right in thinking (and my experiments seem to show it) that a Hype element copied from one scene to another does not retain its unique element ID from the first scene?

That is, each scene is like a separate block, and all the elements in it are scoped to that block, with no equivalent to a global element. Is that right, or am I missing something?

If the Scene is in the same Hype Project then no the id is not carried over. This is to keep the IDs unique.

IDs in scenes can be found in the scope of the document which holds the scenes. Scenes in the DOM are DIVS.
as seen here. (23.0 KB)

If you copy a element to a whole new Hype project the id will carry over if it does not exist already in the new project.

Always give unique IDs.

Symbols and Layouts internally may act different, I have not really followed the behaviour fully but there are threads that discuss this.