Scenes vs Layouts (pages)

I’m a new Hype user, and was very pleased at how quickly I was able to get my business website up and running.

What I now need is more information:

  1. How do search engines work with the text content in a scene? In other words, as expected or differently?
  2. Can I navigate from another web page on another site directly to a scene that is part of my index.html page?
  3. If the answer to #2 is No, is there any automated way to convert a scene into a separate HTML page with Hype?


Michael Frankel
Wizard Consulting Group, Inc.

Daniel has a tutorial on linking that my help.

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Hi Michael (@wcgi)

Search engines will probably have difficulty crawling the scenes
because being so heavily under JavaScript. So a combination of HTML
and hype documents might be more prudent in terms of SEO. Not sure
if this is “expected” or “differently” :smile: per your question.

See Greg’s post above.

Again the post linked to will help answer this.


Hi Greg -

Unfortunately, this did not work. For example, one scene name is WCGI Services. In trying to go directly to that page, I’m assuming I would use

That does not work; it goes to the index page, not the scene.

Did I miss something in your explanation? Please elaborate.


Michael Frankel
Wizard Consulting Group, Inc.

Hi Michael, I did not write the article and have never tried the method myself. But, it looks like it goes into adding a javascript to each scene to make it work. You might check with the original poster to see if he can elaborate, good luck and let us know if it works.