Scenes containing video in ibooks do not seem to load unless instant transition is used

The video will load and have all the assigned tasks (ex: transition on tap, jump to next scene at a certain time in the timeline) but will be blank unless I use instant scene jump.

Any other transitions such as crossfades or pushes do not seem to work.

Is there any advice on this?

Can you also try after turning off “Use Webkit graphics acceleration” in the Document inspector and re-exporting?

Can you share your document?

Tried this out and it seems to be working at the moment.
I’m working on getting the entire composition together today and once I run some tests I’ll be back on here with some feedback.

Do you have any updates on this? I’d like to make sure everything works well.

Everything worked out fine.
Once I shut off use webkit and exported to ibooks it seemed to pick up just fine.

I also spent some time shaving down my clips and getting smaller files.

I’m also not sure, but i think the update helped as well.

Thanks guys!