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Hi, I haven't a huge amount of Hype/HTML experience so here goes with my query. I've created a simple project which demonstrates the various components of specialised walls used in the construction business. There are 10 components to the wall. I've created a scene for each component . On the first scene there are just 10 text boxes only with actions and when each one is clicked it brings up one of the 10 wall components. By the time you have clicked all 10 you have a completed diagram of the wall components. My question is; is it possible to attach an action from a text box or button that accesses the components from the timeline of one scene, which has the completed components, with each textbook or button changing the visibility of each component rather than having to create ten separate scenes for each component? Best regards, Geoff

Hi, to be more exact and efficient in the support you could send the file in .zip format.
Thank you

Thanks very much. Please find the zip file attached. (435.7 KB)

The manual way:

  1. Sure, build your scene with all your elements then set opacity of all to 0%
  2. Now create a timeline for each component that contains only an animation of that component from 0 to 100 % opacity
  3. On mouse click have the associated timeline play forward revealing the component
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Thank you for your time in getting back to me, it is very much appreciated. One thing I don’t understand is how to create a new timeline for each of the scenes as point your response. Hype has already created timelines for each of the scenes when I created them and has listed them as part of the Main Timeline. How do you create individual timelines from the automatically created ones? I’m aware that you can click on ’New Timeline’ under the timeline dropdown but how would I move a scene from the Main Timeline list to it’s own New timeline? Hope that makes sense.


You can have more than one timeline! See the additional timeline panel under Scene and to put you in the right mindset. Think of them as Timelines for the properties you animate. So, they are more like patches than alternate version of the Main Timeline. Meaning they work in an additive sense to the Main Timeline and don't replace it entirely. Hope that helps :wink:

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Hi and thanks very much. I understand things a bit better now. :blush:

Thank you for your time


Hi, sorry to be getting back to you but I've got myself into a real mess with timelines. I have my scene with 10 elements and they appear underneath Timeline Action of the Main Timeline. I've added 10 animation timeline, under the Scene tab. I've set the opacity of each to zero, pressed record and moved the timeline 1 sec and changed the opacity to visible. I've actioned each text button to start timeline when clicked but nothing happens on publishing?? I've obviously got some fundamental concept wrong but I don't know what it is. Any help much appreciated. Geoff

I think you just need to put all your text boxes in a Persistant Symbol which is on every Scene.

Also added a Selected timeline
SBD18_DR_010_ani.hype (466.2 KB)

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Hi Mark,
Thanks very much for your time, much appreciate your help. Geoff

All sorted out. Thanks to everyone who helped out. Geoff

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It is all ways helpful if you mention what actually worked for you for others looking for an answer to a question that maybe similar.

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