Scene Transition: Flip (Vertical or Horizontal)

Not an urgent request but it would be great to see some more Scene Transitions added. e.g. Flip (Vertical or Horizontal), Cube Spin

I’m wanting to mock up some digital ‘swap cards’ and it would be great to flip vertical to see read the back then flip back again.

I don’t think we need to go down the PowerPoint route of a transition for every day of the year :wink:

Hi Peter!

Here are some ideas to get You going - the concepts & execution are relatively straightforward, season to taste:

cardflip (355.2 KB) (279.8 KB) (2.1 MB)
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Hi Jim,

Thanks for the quick response :wink:
Yes, that’s effect I’m after, a nice workaround.
I’ll just have to work on sticking buttons and images to the card.
Some homework for me. Thanks again!


@peter_bright in this template you can find several tricks, slide, flip, rotate, 3d and so on


Thanks @michelangelo helangelo :wink: