Scene transition easing

(Michael) #1

This may be a feature request, but perhaps the problem has already been solved. It would be great to have the ability to add easing to scene transitions. The stock transitions are very linear, and do not at all look good. In my case, each of my screens are fluid and fill the viewport, so positioning them relatively on a timeline for swipe navigation gets ugly and over complicated rather quickly. The obvious benefit to using scenes is modularity, and you get the visible transition of seeing both scenes during transition for free – however the linear nature of those transitions makes it feel very unpolished. If anyone can suggest a work-around, or if its possible to override the scene transitions using another animation library that would be great.

In addition to scene easing, is it possible to continue a scenes timeline while the transition happens? Currently the transition ends, and then the timeline will begin – being able to offset this would mean you could have elements staggering in really smoothly instead of a mechanical locking feel on the transition.



(Michael) #3

To further illustrate I made two quick demos.

The first example is using scenes, with the exact same animations as the second. The scene feature makes this makes it very easy to loop and reconfigure content in any number of ways, and scale to lots of scenes. However, you can see how the animation feels super flat due to no easing on the scene transition, and the timeline not playing until that transition is complete.

The second example is the same animations again, only as symbols on a timeline. This is obviously way smoother since they move with easing and can play their timelines as they’re transitioning. The downside is this approach is not nearly as organized and is difficult to scale beyond a handful of symbols. Making these fill the viewport, loop, and move in and out with any level of complexity would be considerably more cumbersome, and require managing your entire project on a single scene with a lot of complexity in your timelines. (75.2 KB)

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

Thanks for these examples! I definitely think it would be neat to have animations running while the scenes are transitioning (but this is a large effort, so don’t hold your breath!).