Scene Transition Causing White Space in-between scenes On Flexible Layout

Hey all,

So I've made a project in Hype 3.6.10 and I've set up a scene transition that when the button at the bottom of the screen is clicked/tapped it does a "Jump to Scene" transition with a Push (bottom to top) effect. When the project is viewed at full width (1000px) it looks fine but when the window is scaled down there is a gap of white space between each scene that gets larger the smaller the width on the window.

Anyone know what's causing this and how to fix it?

My Scene is set up to scale to with width (not height) and I have my entire scene grouped in a container with shrink to fit on and zoom contents checked.

Files here:
Billing Process Infographic (606.3 KB)

your sceneheight is fixed, but the content shrinks ... that where the gap comes from

changed the settings for the first scene.
the content will scale and center.
the bottombutton will stay at the bottom.
the background will stretch.

so there'll be no gap with fixed height.

Billing Process Infographic (514.2 KB)

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Ah that makes sense. Thank you!