Scene rotation bug (X Axis)

Hi Tumult Community.

I have been using Tumult for about 2 weeks now and am still in awe of the possibilities of this program. I have finally run into what I think is a bug though…

I have a text element that has a background colour (essentially a rectangle with text). I created some nice animations in the timeline for this element. The element swings in on a hinge like motion on the X rotation axis using the bounce ease with the anchor point top-centre., this is the perfect animation for my project.

Something has now happened to my scene and the element is totally skewed and distorted even when I remove the rotation. Every new element I create is also affected by this distortion now…

the element animation starts at -90deg on X rotation and animates to 0deg on X.

Has anyone else had the same issue?

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That document was empty – can you reshare?

I think I know what you’re seeing. X and Y animations use the context of the document boundaries. This creates a plane on which the element is rotated, which gives a sense of perspective that you don’t always want. To overcome this, you can add your element to a group with larger or smaller boundaries and set your rotation on that group instead. Here’s a demo of how that works. Apologies to Angela.

You can adjust the transform origin point to set the point around which your element rotates, either by holding ⌘ prior to rotating your element, and dragging the center point that appears, or by adjusting manually in the Metrics inspector:

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Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your speedy response.

This is exactly what has been happening! Great to now understand exactly how the rotation is affected by the document.

Thanks again.