Scene retain state saved after clicked and jump to next scene with multiple scenes

Hello everyone!

Here is my maybe stupid question: I'm making a small detective game for my friends party.
The goal is: they "travel" between 3 castles and opens in random order different evidence in every castle. All castles and evidences are different scenes with own backgrounds. Very important to save buttons state with evidence stay pressed after jumping to scene with evidences (players would choose what evidence they want to investigate) - I have already tried some of tricks from forum but can't solve it. I really need your help!


:rotating_light: Please note that we can only address JavaScript questions and issues in the context of Tumult Hype, so please attach a Hype document so others can dig into what you have so far.

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Maybe have a look at this thread

The idea is store the button presses. Then apply on sceneload via JS.

Using persistent symbols may also help.
Sorry on iPhone so cannot look at your project

Hi Mark!

Solution works ok only with castle 1 (attached url) but if I do the same thing with castle 2 all checked evidences are switched to unchecked again (

New game

Ok that is much more clear in what you are trying to do.

This is a simple fix.

Just put all the Button elements in a Persistent Symbol per scene

( select them all and use the Persistent Symbol from selection menu )

Screenshot 2021-08-18 at 19.01.35

Inside a symbol.

Only add to current scene. when asked.

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Thank you so much! great thing really! But if you open my attached project with symbols - after open they just resizes once - could it be fixed?


Can you explain. I am not seeing any resizing ?.