Scene Rename Behavior...Unload Timeline, next scene

After duplicating a scene named “Intro” and renaming it “question mark”, I can’t seem to instruct the animation to jump to the scene upon “Unload”. Now, I happen to be hovering over the new duplicated scene and as the Tool Tip suggests it had retained it’s original name “Intro Copy” (see pic) I wonder if this has anything to do with it? I did select both “Next Scene” and the new scene named “question mark” as a test in the time line instructions under “On Scene Unload”, nothing works so far.

Hi. That looks like a bug. (@Daniel could you have a look at this) When you save your document it updates to the right scene name.

However, it shouldn’t give any reason for not working within Hype.

What is your logic for unloading a scene and choosing a different scene on unload?

Your scenes unload (and run any actions) before they move to a different scene. So if you call a “Jump to scene” to a particular scene and then call the same action on scene unload unfortunately it’s not going to work.

If you want to jump to a particular scene you would have to do it at the point you call “Jump to scene”.

Thanks. After closing Hype and reopening the naming issue has resolved itself. However, I can’t seem to understand how to get the animation to advance from one scene to another automatically. I have previewed this in Safari and Firefox with no luck. Seems like a simple request, I know I am doing something wrong here.

Can you share your document?

.zip it up and drag it into the reply area

Sure! here you go.

Equipment (217.0 KB)

You could place a timeline action at the end of your scene to “Jump to scene”

yes, i beieve i tried that

So you want the intro scene to go to the Question Mark scene at the end of the animation?

Yes please

This has a timeline action at the end of the animation on your first scene. It is set to go to next scene but you could also send it to whatever scene you want

Equipment (194.4 KB)

FYI scene unload is really there to record things from the first scene to use later or to turn of audio or to cancel things that are happening in the scene before moving on and other things too. not for transitioning to scenes.

That works!, Although I see in timeline actions you did exactly the same thing that I tried several times. What version of Hype are you running?

The latest. (526) 3.5.1

Yes, same here.

Thanks for your help.

no problem

OK, I really just can’t figure this out. I have built another animation from scratch but it still will not “Jump” to the next scene. Even though in the setting I have commanded it to do so. Is there a time when Hype should be reinstalled? Side note: Second Scene: Rotating Block of Cheese, the rotation of the group is not working but that probably is a limitation of Hype.

Yeah that does not look right. I’ll make sure we have this bug documented. First time I’ve seen it!

Thanks for reporting @kilgo and sorry you hit it!

It looks you’re not rotating a group, but rotating each individual element. If you add it to a group, and rotate the group, you’ll get the results you want: (32.0 KB)

(shown on the last scene)

OK, so you have to group the elements cluster BEFORE you assign rotation and not after right?

That is correct. When you rotate several elements separately, it uses the center point of rotation (the transform origin point) for all of the individual elements as the point around which a rotation occurs. A group has its own transform origin point which governs all elements within it.


‘On scene unload’ runs after you’ve left the scene by some other means (another action caused the transition to another scene). If you want to jump to the next scene after something has happened, you’ll need to use a timeline action: