Scene Option: Default Placement (when dragging new resource)

Have the ability to set a Default Placement when dragging a resource to the scene.
This would help when I am doing animations and have to drag multiple images to the same position. (e.g. 0,0).

How it might work:
The ‘Scene’ Inspector has a ‘Placement’ section with a checkbox next to the ‘Left/Top’ and ‘Width/Height’ settings. (So you can have separate settings.)
When on, each resource dragged to the Scene snaps to that location regardless of where it is placed on the scene.

Not sure if you would also include the other Placement options of ‘Scale’, ‘Rotation’ etc.

Once the Resource is on the Scene it acts as normal and you use the ‘Metrics’ and ‘Elements’ Inspectors to make adjustments.

NOTE: Would love to see this partnered with the option to drag multiple resources to the scene.

See mockup below.

From the picture, it looks like your version already has it! :wink:

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I wish creating new features using just Photoshop were that easy :wink:

Hopefully it helps to pass on the vision.

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This ‘requirement’ came up again recently needing to add multiple images to the same location.

Thanks for the request!

Do you think you could elaborate on this as a pain point? I’d just multiple select elements and use the inspector to set them to this value.

D’Oh! Jonathan, the pain point is my inexperience :wink:
Thanks for that!
How do I delete this post? :wink:

Well in fairness it is a valid feature request, but one we probably won’t do given the workaround vs. added complexity in UI :wink:. Others can learn if they are thinking the same thing. And also this is also a good request:

All good, I’m happy to use your method, anything but one at a time :wink:

How about a possibility to run interface scripts acting on the UI / development environment . Much like JSX in Adobe products. Or just open the app to good old AppleScript. Just JavaScript is already in the core of the app so the scripts would be nicer to support (rather then AppleScript).

Just look at what happend to Sketch after they allowed plugins on the GUI/APP Level:

Yeah, I love plugins myself as a user, but as a developer they can be handcuffs and dynamite if not done correctly. There are some private hooks for export plugins that we have already; this is for some advertisers with special cases.

Dynamite… Because you need to support the API? But what if the API is what you anyway offer as menu options plus some moving around actions to emulate mouse action. If a plugin developer does something wrong isn’t that between the plugin developer and his customer/clients/project? Use at your own risk!?

No one ever reads the fine print, especially when it says “use at your own risk” :smiley:. It is important that a user’s animations always continue to work in the same way, and that the app always remain 100% rock solid stable. Plugins going willy-nilly are the fastest way to introduce crashes, and it is nearly always assumed the app is to blame - I’d agree the app is to blame in these cases.

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