Scene on scene possible?


Hi all,

I’m stuck. Here is what I want to do.
After pushing a button on start scene, i would like to have the small scene (or its contents) in the grey space of the output scene . The small scene should keep on working while on the output scene.
Any suggestion is appreciated.


scene on (25.4 KB)

(Mark Hunte) #2


It is not really clear what your goal is to me. Are you trying to create a persistent navigation across scenes?.
If so you should look at using symbols.

If not can you explain more of your end goal.


Hi Mark, thank you for looking into it. I have acouple of small scenes in which the buttons have different meanings. They call different parts of an array. So if I push a button on the ‘start’ scene I want the corresponding small scene appear on the output scene. Is this possible with symbols? Or javascript? I’ve tried some with ‘innerhtml’. But I’m not a good enough coder to make it happen I’m afraid.

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This example may be doing what you want.

It loads scene one.

When the button is clicked it loads scene one into the iframe.
There is a scene load action to check to see if the loading window is the top window <- source for top window idea.

If it is not the top window then we load scene2 instantly. This will only load scene 2 in the iframe.

It is not perfect and will need a lot of finessing but I think it is what you are talking about.

Since we need to load the foo.html file in the iframe, I have set it up so it can be tested with preview or when exported without you having to change anything.

I do think though that it would be easier to have each scene a separate documents and load those as needed.

You would be able to do it similar to what I have done here by setting the source. (26.7 KB)

But I may still not fully understand.

If I am completely wrong in my understanding of you goal (suspect I am) then please do look at this thread which is similar to what I was referring to in my original post


Thanks for your answer. It is not exactly what I need. I think I was on the wrong track. Found a solution, not very elegant but it works. I copied the scenes and only the top part of each scene changes. So it is as if I put the small scene on top of the big one. Thanks for your effort.

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Mark, it may not be what Djon needed but your example opens a lot of possibilities to me :slight_smile:

(Mark Hunte) #7

@kerguelen, glad to help…

I may put it up as a tips & Tricks.

How do you think you would use it ?

(kerguelen) #8

it would simply help me to change complex and various content in a given space of a page. More flexible to me than symbols at a certain point of complexity