Scene loading in the "middle" of the page

Hello, I'm sorry for the title of this topic but i didn't know how to name it hah.
Well, i noticed that when i click a button linked to a new scene (the button is positioned below, so you have to scroll to see it), the scene doesn't load on the top of the page, but in the same position as that button of the previous scene... is it normal or is it a bug?
Can it be fixed?
Thank you in advance

Search the forum about setting scroll and trigger it on scene load. Something like this as a reusable JS function

window.scrollTo(0, 0)

ops, i found the topic about it right now...thank you, is a good function but i see a disturbing fast moving before the load... is there any way not to see it?

Don't use jQuery. Problem solved.
Just the code I posted above on scene load.

sorry, it seemed to work...but not (45,1 KB)

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mmh, i don't know why it doesn't work perfectly for me...i see a defect, maybe is a bug.

Screen record it or better share your file. (10.1 KB)

the unique difference is that i'm using the push transition, but i tested that transition in your document and it works. it's strange

I am resetting on Scene Prepare For Display that is triggered before transitions. Scene Load fires after scene transitions. Combining scroll resets with transitions and fixed width might create some weird effects …

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ok, clear. Thank you for your time