Scene doesn't load


The very last scene in my Hype document won’t load. It will load when I click “preview this scene,” but it won’t load when I am on the scene before it and click the next scene arrow. It doesn’t load. See video below! What could this be? I’m happy to send the file to someone to look at. Every other scene loads except for this one. I have tried it with and without: “On Scene Load” --> action start timeline --> timeline main timeline.

Thank you so so much for any help.

Can you share your file using a file sharing service like

For some reason the persistant symbol triggering an instant scene transition wasn’t working – the workaround in this case was to use hypeDocument.showNextScene(hypeDocument.kSceneTransitionCrossfade, 0.0001) which simulates an instant transition.

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The root cause of this is that the "timeupdate" event handler for a custom <audio> element was being called after a scene transition; the code was not expecting this to happen and thus was pausing the main timeline of the next scene. It looks like it is an implementation difference between Chrome and other browsers as to what might fire this event, as Safari and Firefox do not fire it.

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