Scene changes without user interaction on iPad

I have a hype project with around 10 scenes. The first scene consists of several buttons, each button links to another scene.

When I view this in a web browser, it works as expected. However when I use phonegap and xcode to put it onto an iPad, when the page loads you see the first screen, but almost immediately is moves on to another scene without any user interaction. Once this has happened the whole thing appears to work normally. But I can’t see why it is changing scenes on its own.

Everything is set up using the Actions panel, there are no custom js scripts in the project.

Each button has this assigned to it:
On Mouse Click (Tap)
Jump to Scene…
[Scene name]
Duration 0.5s

I get the same problem if I create a hype document which has only one scene with buttons that load urls of other pages. You see the page for a second and then it jumps to one of the urls which should be triggered by pressing one of the buttons.

With documents this simple malfunctioning it appears that Hype is not working properly at all with the latest version of xcode and iOS. Unless I’m missing something obvious.

I don’t need this to go on the app store. Is there a way to create an app on just one iPad using Hype without using xcode?

Thanks for any help.

That’s very odd – can you share a Hype document and perhaps an Xcode project?

The upload limit is too small for me to share the project, is there another way I can share it?


Here’s a link to download the project.


I do not have phongap but a quicklook at the index and menu page all seems ok.

I have not made an iOS/Hype proj for a while but I vagually remember that inXcode you have a splash screen setting and then your main page. Could you have this setup wrong

Thanks but I don’t think the splash screen is going to be the issue. It only occurs on screen two of the project if I press on the “Information” button, or the “heritage” buttons. the other buttons do not exhibit this problem. If I click on either of the aforementioned buttons, it goes to the scene chosen in the inspector in HYPE for that button, but after less than a second it jumps to a different scene. This does not happen with the Maps, Quizzes and Flora buttons, they work as expected.

Ok that was not clear that it was these pages that had the issue…

Can you walk us through, The steps it takes to get the issue. From the first page that loads in the app. Please name which Hype project is each page in the step through.

It probably would help to have the xcode project also.


Each html file in the xcode app has a hype file of the same name (all generated by HYPE).

“index.html” is loaded as the first page in the xcode created app. On that screen click “Enter” button. This loads “Menu.html” On this screen, click the “Information” button. This loads “Information.html” When Information.html loads you see the first screen (which is another menu with 5 buttons. However, almost immediately it moves to a new scene in the Information project called “Menu In-Things”. This should not happen without the user pressing the button.

Link to the HYPE files:

Link to the xcod project file:

Thanks for your help.