Scanning a QR Code

Hi there. Is it possible to scan a qr-code with a hype site for showing a picture (for a treasur hunt)?

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Take a look at Nicks site to get some inspiration. I'm not quite sure how he managed to do it but I would assume that there is some external javascripts needed in order to get it to work. Try and ask him if he could share some ideas with you.


This site uses a public PHP library that creates the algorithm for the QR code.
I have seen some javascript libraries but I really do like the PHP option as it is a bit easier to implement.

I have built a barcode generator that uses a javascript library (not in hype) and it is not as reliable as the QR code generator but I have hope that I can work through it and make it run and wrap it in Hype :slight_smile:

Saying that here is a jQuery QR code implementation link that might work I have not tried it though,

Also if you want to SCAN a QR code using a built in video camera you want to reverse your thinking.

  1. Go to the Tips and Tricks section to see the post on capturing video
    Capturing video and images from Hype created HTML5 Doc

  2. You will need a QR Scanner Javascript rather than the creator.

  3. Check out:

Remember Mobile iOS will deal with it but the laptop and desktop safari implementation will not.

Thanks a lot, guys, for the answers!