Scaling of text to mobile apps

Hi folks,

On a webpage Im designing, when exporting to mobile, the text doesnt seem to scale down enough and is creeping off the edge of the page. The text is added as a symbol with a Rollover function.

Can anyone offer any guidance here please ? It would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

Are you using responsive layouts or flexible layout? Can you share an example?

hi Daniel,
I havent altered any of the standard settings in hype.

It would be great to see what you’re seeing (a link or a zip file containing your HTML page and Hype document).

the problem occurs when viewing on my mobile, so not sure how i can send you that info??? Here is a screen shot of my phone. Does this help? or not at all.

Thanks for trying to help me :wink:

Can you see the text creeping off the page?..this is my issue

Can’t really tell why it’s doing that – can you share a Zip file of your .hype document here? Or, could you send send me a personal message? (Click ‘message’ on my profile page here).

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Thanks for your continued support Daniel.
Ive tried attaching a .zip, however the file size is too big so I cant attach the files :slight_smile:

let me try and load a link via my cloud server, then ill DM you :wink: