Scaling multiple items on stage

I am posting this because there is a slight difference how multiple selected items scale based on the drag handler you chose for scaling on a multiselect. If you chose an unconstrained object, all constrained objects will shift position but not aspect ratio and if you scale based from a constrained item scaling is constrained for the entire group.

Reason I investigated this:

This is how Hype handles it:


I remember a lot of discussion a long time ago. I think we originally wanted that if you resized from a "constrain proportions" object the objects would all be constrained together, and if you resized from a non constrained object they'd all not be constrained together, but always still preserve their proportionality. Of course you can always swap in-flight with the command key.

The scene-level resize code itself looks like it does this, but I think we must have somewhere downstream (like the element's width/height setters themselves) that is enforcing the proportionate resize. I've filed a bug on this.

I don't think I see how the twitter user's algorithm would produce a result that would want to be practically used.

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Never realised the difference and that’s probably why at times a little wt?? may have crept in when I have tried to scale things.

Thanks @MaxZieb

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