Scaling for different devices

(Dan Wright) #1

I’m trying to send my project sized at 1024x768 (iPad format) but was wondering if I can have it display ok on iPhone too or do I have to create a separate version/layout?
The output is for an HTML5 Hybrid app which has been tough enough but now I’m encountering display issues on other devices, I want it to be as universal as possible.

(Trey Yancy) #2

Yes, definitely. Also plan for landscape and portrait layouts. You can preview the result by turning on the Safari Develop menu (Prefs > Advanced > Show Develop Menu checkbox) and selecting Enter Design Mode in the Develop menu.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

It is up to your content a bit, but our general recommendation is four Responsive Layouts: iPhone, iPad Landscape, iPad Portrait, and Desktop. Then using Flexible Layouts for elements to manage the in-between sizes.

(Dan Wright) #4

I’m fixing it to landscape view within the config.xml otherwise the arrangement is impossible.