Scaling entire timeline

Surprised I couldn't find this in the forums... But I'd either like to increase the playback speed (framerate) of my entire project (to make it more snappy), OR to simply select everything and scale the timeline down about 25%.

I tried to Select All then resize one of the element timelines... but it deselected everything else... I'd hate to have to do it all manually!

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yes this'll be handcrafted :slight_smile: but you can 'scale' all animation within a timeline at once ...

How do you do that? Didn’t seem to work for me.

if you select more than one animation you should be able to 'scale' from the left or right end of any animation. happy fiddling :slight_smile:

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Thanks @MarkHunte but as I mentioned... when I do exactly this... as soon as I click the edge of one of the selected animations... they all deselect (except the one I’m resizing).

I was pretty sure I’d seen it done in a video, so it has been a little frustrating to not have it work. I’ll keep at it.

Do I need to hold down a key while doing it?


There seems to be a difference between selected like this:

Vs. selecting like this:

The latter being a kind of selection that doesn't work.

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between these two selection modes, and why they exist?]

Thank you so much

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On the top one, the active selection is animations. When you select animations, their parent element is also selected.
On the bottom one, the active selection is elements. No animations are selected.

This allows you to modify subsets of animations:

Note that you can also select individual keyframes in the property area below and manipulate animations that way too.

Of course, it still would be nice if Hype had a function to scale every animation on a timeline :slight_smile:.


This probably doesn't solve your problem, but I'm posting it here if someone else is looking to "Time Scale".

If you use just Physics for animation, the matter.js "Time Scale" API might create the effect you're looking for.

Here's an example... Physics Mini Templates for Tumult Hype 4 - #25 by Photics

Just discovering that if I select properly... that I can drag to scale makes me very happy.

Now, is it the case that you can lose fidelity by scaling down than up?

Example: If I scaled from 100 seconds to 10 seconds... I'm losing about 90% of my resolution... If I scale back UP to 100 seconds (or higher!)... will the new keyframes be from the rounded low resolution scaling... or are the keyframe values floating point... such that they scale up well with respect to when they were created?

[Edit: apologies for being a lazy bum... I just did a test. Seems floating point values of keyframes are NOT used... so scaling down then up again is a hazard... seems counterintuitive... but would it be a nightmare to implement FP values for keys?]

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Yes, this is unfortunately the case -- when scaling down it aligns to keyframes which loses data. This is much in the same way scaling a bitmap down in photoshop doesn't let you scale it back up without loss after you accept the transform.

The keyframe storage is a floating value, but just gets rounded to align with frame times. It probably wouldn't be too hard to avoid this rounding until needed and preserve more detail!

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I think that SVG has to work that way generally in the 2D domain... it's the main point of SVG... so it makes sense that when we think about dynamic (animated) SVG elements (time dimension), this philosophy seems right at home...

It would be one of those "little things" that few would notice, but might avoid some funkiness for some people, and better meet their expectations, but clearly, this is a corner-case kind of issue.

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I agree completely -- I think this was probably a case of premature optimization. I've filed this as a correctness issue to fix :slight_smile:.

That's what she said. :slight_smile:

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